Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Website maintenance

Wow, what a day! I managed to get some new beads up on the site in between pricing a huge box of tools that arrived from Japan. I'm not the best with numbers and dealing with Yen has been challanging to say the least, luckily I have a wonderful mum to help me out!

What lovely tools they are. If I decide not to keep them all, they will be available on the site tomorrow alongside possibly a few beads on Etsy - we'll see!

I have had such lovely emails from people I met at Brighton, customers and other Lampworkers, it's always so lovely to meet people face to face. I love that part of the business and would never only sell through the web, I would miss the contact with all you lovely people!

I have another Fair this weekend at RHS Gardens Rosemoor (Torrington) Friday and Saturday 10am - 4pm, so there is no rest for the wicked !

I have decided for those of you that know Benjamin that he needs to diet, just how to rabbits get fat? He legs it round the house up two flights of stairs numerous times a day, lives on a veggie diet of carrots and bunny nibbles but is definitely overweight, surely all the cardboard he consumes can't be fat inducing?.. And hes starting to sneeze again so another round of antibunnionics is on the horizon! 

A few bead pictures and off to bed -still haven't quite recovered after the weekend yet, it was such a great show, we will certainly be back if Brighton will have us !

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Raspberry Rings said...

But have you told Benjamin he is off to FAT BUNS club? He may hop off to Falmouth for some bunny love!