Friday, 20 November 2009


We are here at MADE 09 in Brighton, its difficult to remain vertical in the gail force winds but we're here none the less. Brighton is great, we're staying in a little B&B just off pier, we'll manage to get to the end of it by the end of our few days here I hope. Our little walk round planned for this morning has been postponed due to the horrid weather.

The show opened last night with the Private View lots of talking looking and some buying which was good. I got to meet up with Amanda Glanville of The Earring Cafe (who is here selling) and Judith Johnson who dropped in to visit us. We dipped into a rather natty noodle bar just over the road from The Corn Exchange for a bite to eat and a good chat after the PV, it was lovely to see you Judith!

I managed a few photos very quickly yesterday of the stand but there will be more to follow, when hopefully there will be time to draw breath at some stage.

As usual there are some lovely people here and lots to see and do, so if you find yourself in Brighton come visit MADE 09, open today 11- 7.30, tomorrow 10 – 6 and Sunday 10 – 5pm.


Mandy said...

It was great to meet you and your beautiful beads today, hope that you have a really successful weekend in our (usually warm and sunny) corner of England !

Manda said...

It was lovely to see you too so sorry I missed you second time round. Glad you enjoyed it and good luck !!!

Sabine Little said...

What an amazing stall - I've got a lot to learn! I hope you're having a fantastic time, with lots and lots of sales!

Manda said...

Thank you Sabine - its going well but exhausting its so hot under all the lights ! Not just mine but every ones - its really shorts and T shirts temperature !

Unknown said...

Lovely to see you too Manda, I had fun :)

Raspberry Rings said...

Your stand looks truly beautiful hope the till is ringing and ringing x