Monday, 30 November 2009

Mangobeads HQ

It's official, Japan has taken over my kitchen! To say we are working under extreme circumstances would be a severe understatement. At 9 am this morning both  excitement and energy levels were running high, at 5pm this afternoon tempers were frayed and verging on easperation! I think it might be time for a bigger workshop! Recycling packaging is all well and good until the kitchen floor resembles crazy paving, and the kettle cannot be distinguished under biodegradable chips and sticky brown parcel tape. The fragile sticky tape is now across my brow and we are relaxing over a nice cup of tea!

Japan has been contacted for reinforcements which will soon be on their way.

The post office counter and queue needless to say didn't give us a reputes welcome, but it was actually quite nice to be the one causing it for a change.

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Raspberry Rings said...

Hey Hey Box Tetris!! Christmas Retails wins the first round!!