Tuesday, 15 December 2009


....Once again no good news but I hope it's getting nearer, the resolution of Website issues that is.

For those of you not sure whats been happening it's all down to stock control issues.
Zen Cart (the shopping cart that I had) simply couldn't cope with two or three of you lovely people trying to buy the same bead at the same time. It repeatedly sold more than there were in stock despite setting the limitations. We thought the problem was solvable when a Zen Cart expert in the States wrote new coding to kick the shopping cart into gear but alas it threw it into even more of a head spin, consequently I had to take it offline as Stock levels were increasing as you bought the beads!

So...as a result,  Zen Cart its an Evil word in my house, the site is being rebuilt around Joomla with a Virtuemart shopping cart.

Its nearly there, just a few glitches and it will be ready to roll! I shall be doing a cosmetic once over in the New Year but just to have a Web Site will be oh so good !

So in the meantime I have stocked the Etsy Shop with beads and hope that maybe there will be a few more beads on the new site in time for last posting day which for me is Friday.

So Christmas at Gloster Road has been put on standby shopping will commence tomorrow, I hope to even order a turkey!

I just wanted to bring you up to speed on whats been going on - 2009 for the web site has not been a year I wish to repeat!

On a change of subject, today has bought some really good news. I have been accepted into The Contemporary Craft Fair for the second year, but this time I am really chuffed as I was excepted from selection panel. Previously I was offered a cancellation, and three years previously I applied to no avail, so I am well chuffed.

Here are a few new beads that have gone on Etsy ... enjoy :)


Unknown said...


Sorry to hear that. but i just could not stop to comment.

I am Shiva. I am a web developer and have a lot of clients using zen cart. You could have approached the problem in a different way.

In Zen cart ( or most online shipping scripts ), the stock is updated only on checkout completion. So,until the customer confirms the order you cannot finalize the stock amount. However, if you did try to check for stock in the final confirmation step for each of the products for each of the customers, then the issue could have been resolved. I know it may sound a bit annoying but it was still possible.
In addition, if you had avoided checkout when the stock was not present. the beads would have simply shown that the items out of stock.

Anyway, do confirm the checks with virtuemart too. I suppose it has a very similar flow. If you need some help please feel free to contact me at projects@e-cart-solutions.com


Manda said...

Thanks for this Shiva - sadly it is too late the site has been rebuilt! It was a number of other problems too! Sadly the ZEN CART expert in the States couldnt even sort it out,m buut thanks for your input , r u UK based