Friday, 20 June 2008

Whats been happening -

Well I am sure you must be wondering whats been going on as the web site has been and gone so many times !
Well its nearly there just last minute tweaking on the shopping cart side and we will have made it .
When it actually goes live,' proper like 'on Monday there will be the Buddies you see available to buy and perhaps a few accessories BUT over the next few weeks as Mum and I get all the pics done all my stock will be uploaded and there for you to see. Then of course the normal weekly Buddie service will resume !
I shall keep on with my existing mailing list for 6 weeks to give everyone who is interested a chance to switch to the new site - you will need to create an account and subscribe to the newsletter to keep getting the updates beyond that time ( its very quick to do a bit of a pain but the zen cart programme requires that you do it ) .
I am currently on Art Trek at a venue near Lynton - The Beggars Roost Hotel I shall be here until Sunday so if you are in the area do pop over theres lots for you to see including Ethical Jewellery by April Doubleday and Chain Maille from Margo Benson plus Photography from Dave Green , Pantings from Tim Saunders, Musical Instruments from Tony Benson, gorgeous hats from Jilly Collins and more painting from Pete Ward ( materials he uses are all sourced from the local estuaries - basically its the different muds, clay etc dried which in powdered pigment form is paint ! )
We are all here 11am 'till 4pm both through until Sunday . You can find out more from the North Devon Festival website


Laura Sparling said...

You have been busy!

Love the new logo/banner. Looking forward to seeing the website in all its glory. :o)

Laura x

Ali P said...

Hi Manda,
I just stopped by to let you know I've given you an award on my blog (yours were the first beads that got me hooked on lampwork :). I hope the Art Trek has gone OK - it's a shame we aren't closer, or I would have come to check it out.