Sunday, 25 May 2008


Cannot quite believe that we are Duck sitting for Sophies boyfriend ! Flower arrived this morning at 8.30 and things have been pretty noisy ever since . She whistles all day and gets even louder when she is left on her own . Sophie has become mummy duck and has been digging up worms !

Mad or what - shes very sweet but think i prefer Bunnies !!!! But I tell you she can leg it when she wants to , really very funny . She is all tucked up now for the night in a box in front of the stove shes still whistling but its getting quieter so we think shes getting tired - do hope so .

Benjy still has is two runs a day in the house , he still has a snotty nose and has to go for a nose swab on Tuesday that will be interesting.

I had a super video sent to me from two lovely people I gave a lesson too and if I can figure out how to post a video I will pop it on here - it did make me laugh .

Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday have a great Monday !


Ali P said...

Hi Manda,
It sounds like animal madness at your place at the moment, and I thought it was chaotic at our house with 3 cats, lol. Love the video - I have been thinking about having a go at lampworking for a while so may well be back in touch to talk lessons if our holiday plans ever get off the ground - we are hoping to go camping in Devon & Cornwall at some point over the summer, so would pretty much be passing your door anyway...
Ali xx

renaye said...

duck as a pet? i so far have only heard rooster as a pet!

renaye (