Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ooooops where have I been !

Thanks Ali !!! You know what for - I was just checking out my blog and feeling so guilty for having been so neglectful when I discovered that Ali has award me 'The Sweet Home Blogger Award ' thanks Ali that made my day you are very kind .

Well whats new ? nothing really just been very busy and that's not new either I guess . As a few of you know I am making a limited collection of beads for our local jeweller Carol Anne and as there are 3 shops I have been kept very busy with repeats for this collection which is great !

But oh yes I have slipped up on the Blog front I know and I am so sorry !
I hope you are all enjoying the new web site its certainly making things much easier for me at my end and hopefully making the 'shopping experience ' for all of you a great deal smoother too . You can always email me if you feel the need it just cuts out all the unnecessary emails that I am sure we can all do with out !
Well summer holidays are nearly here and of course the rain too - whats new then - well, at least we have a summer to look forward to in our new house without the builders or the stress that moving house brings with it ( last years memories are hard to forget ! ) - we have been here a year already I find that difficult to believe but am very happy that we have the year behind us .
No holiday this year but we are hoping to plan some day trips round and about - we had a lovely day today at Withypool on Exmoor today ( yes we had sun ! ) The children swam in the river, fished and did a spot of sailing it really was a lovely day we even had an ice cream .
Benjy the Bun is still snotty and on antibiotics , I tell you I am a medicine administering expert now 4 months down the line ( so lucky we won the Bunny raffle at out local Hopper evening and got £50 towards vets fees ! )
But he is a delight and continues to romp around the house and now the garden too as we have managed to get him vaccinated .

The bad news is that all our clothes now have holes in as hes a bit of a secret nibbler .
I ironed my jeans today and noticed 20 little razor holes around the bottoms of the legs ! and all my shirts have holes in the collar . I tell you its just as well we love him or he'd be in the oven by now ! He has incidentally been in the washing machine !

Well that has updated you all a little ..... thanks for stopping by and thanks again Ali for the award .

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