Wednesday, 14 May 2008

So Busy

Once again so sorry for the long gap between posting just been so busy - Busy with beads and bunnies !

On the bead front there will be new buddies this evening for you to see . I know you have been waiting on the new web site but believe me when I say it is coming ! Its slowly falling into place and looking rather good too so I think it will be worth the wait I hope you do too !

Bunnies mmm well Benjy is now officially a Kevin he's hit his teens big time and has drastic mood swings which are very entertaining !

The hot weather has meant he has spent allot of his time in the house and would you believe that he uses his litter tray all the time hes such a star .

We are gradually getting to know his likes and dislikes Carrots feature high on his list of yummies , Cabbage not so good and Asparagus well that's yuckie . Parsnips get a small thumbs up and Broccoli well that's a bit good too .

He is still on Antibionics can't quite believe that for 6 weeks now I have been administering oral medicine to a bunny every day , its quite a skill I can tell you . He gets sooo very cross , poor little chap .

He's a very welcome addition to our little household we all spend at least an hour each day sitting on the floor with him while he practices for his Olympics - his skill level is increasing every day and those Binkies are to die for !

Enough about him ! I have posted some pics of this weeks Buddies for you to see and will try and get back for another posting real soon !

Also added a picture of our weekend trip to the beach !

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Tina said...

Fantastic photo of Jamie, and lovely beads as always.

I can't wait to see the new website.