Thursday, 3 April 2008

New Buddies On Sunday !

... change of plan ! Tom is taking me out tonight ( can't turn down an offer like that can I ! ) we are going to see Agatha Christie at the Queens in Barnstaple - apparently it has little Mo's nasty Trevor from Eastenders in it , and as Little Mo left the square to supposedly move to Barnstaple to live above a coffee shop I expect she'll be there too !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT !

I am sure Trevor did it tho' as he's such a baddie - I will let you know .

So sorry to mess you around on the Buddies but Sunday will be the day and here is a little sneak preview !!


Laura Sparling said...

Love those black and white Buddies, Manda.

Enjoy the show!

Laura x

Manda said...

Thanks Laura - he did'nt do it !Our Trev' is quite a nice guy actually

Laura Sparling said...

Yeah, I've heard him in a couple of Radio 4 plays and both times he was playing a non-baddie. No little Mo then?! ;o)

Manda said...

No 'Little Mo'! She must have been busy with her cream teas!

Julie Haveland Beer said...

Lovely Buddies, Manda! New colour scheme every week :)

I'm in the middle of packing to go to Norway tomorrow, just at the stage of complete chaos before order again shall descend on us..

Hang loose,
and stay chilled!

JulieHB (the Troll) XX