Thursday, 20 March 2008

Whoops its been so long !

Hello again , I am so sorry any update has taken such a long time , I have been a wee bit busy and I've gone down with my yearly cold which has knocked me for 6 ! Anyway Mum landed safely last night after 3 weeks in India so things will get back to normal now ! Tom has photographed this weeks beads as with Easter I was keen to get them up this evening another very bright lot with lots of hearts again - I know valentines day was a while back but the bug has only just bitten here !Anyway I am sure you would like a sneak preview of what going on tonight so I shall get that done and leave it at that for now.I hope the easter bunny is making his way to you - he's on his way here and rumour has it he's leaving a baby - of course Jamie has no idea ! hope he dosn't read this ... watch this space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura Sparling said...

What lush, bright and cheery beads, Manda! :o)

Laura x

Manda said...

thanks Laura !