Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter Bunny came early ...

Well our plans to hide a rabbit till Sunday were foiled,so to cut a long story short we had our easter egg hunt today . The Easter Bunny visited us big time and left us this lovely baby bunny !
The pics show the magical moment when Jamie found this treasure in his back garden and then realised that he was going to be Daddy to this wonderful bundle of fluff. It was a gorgeous minute in time a face of delight that we will never forget !
Hiding eggs in such a small garden was a challenge for Sophie but with Toms help the eggs were concealed in most inconspicuous places !!
Jilly ( dog ) took great delight in finding her fair share while minds were on other things !

We had a lovely day...


Laura Sparling said...

Oh how brilliant! Jamie's face is an absolute picture!

What's he going to call the rabbit?

Have a wonderful Easter, Manda!

Laura x

Manda said...

Awgh thanks Laura ! He has just been named after a great deal of deliberation 'Benjy ' Hes such a poppit licking Jamie already ( mind you his T shirt has one or two holes in it that were not there yesterday !)
You have a wonderful time too !


Laura Sparling said...

Good name! :o)

mariag said...

Manda,fabulous pics of Jamie!
Benjy looks adorable.
Happy Easter to all of you :)
Maria X