Friday, 29 February 2008

Well mum touched down in Delhi this morning and the photos of todays Buddies are rubbish ! I have a bit of learning in that dept to do so please excuse them for this week there is NO comparison but I just ran out of time !
Waiting for that phone call to say Jamies Cross Country is off as that will mess up all the plans for this afternoons upload ! The weather is vicious and I will be very surprised if they do run but we will see.
Took my pictures to the web site designer today so things for the new site will be well under way very soon I cant wait - I hope it will make the shopping experience better for you all as there will be a shopping cart .It will make it easier my end and hopefully lead to less confusion thats the idea anyhow !
Got the whole family home this weekend so expecting quite a busy one but it will be lovely -
While I remember I am attending Instow School Craft Fair on 15th March 10am till 4pm - Parish Hall , Quay Lane, Instow
Should be good so hope to see you there !

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