Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jamies own photos ...

Jamie's pictures of our day in London - firstly a very smart car for sale in Harrods £79,300!

The Biggest Easter Egg £130

A small selection of the sweets available !

Some of the fish in the food hall -

Jamie and his Knickerbocker Glory in HARRODS - yummy or what !

The Dodos at the Natural History Museum

We have had a lovely day and come back to the Hotel for a break Jamie is exhausted and we have the theatre tonight so we are taking a well earned rest .
Harrods was amazing we loved the food halls, bought Tom his expresso coffee in a special tin and had a delicious ice cream then rolled onto the big bus for the hotel .
Wagamamas tonight to sample their noodles which have been recommended and then Billy Elliot.
Its still bloomin freezing and if anyone who has anything to do with Hyde Park is reading this could you please signpost Peter Pans Statue so the likes of us from Barnstaple can find it !


Tina said...

You are so right Manda, we have never found the Peter Pan Statue! Fantastic photos Jamie....looks like you are really enjoying yourself.


Manda said...

Thanks Tina - Its been great but Jamie is exhausted just not used to the pace !

Love Mandax