Tuesday, 19 February 2008

hello from London !

Well here we are don't you love the cheesy grin its been there all afternoon - but oh my gosh has it been cold - you try the open top bus in february on what has to be the coldest day this winter .
We obviously don't get it bad at home it was freezing !!
But we had a great time but on returning to Marble Arch with big ideas of finding a nice noodle bar or something we rolled into the nearest Pizza Hut coz we could take the cold no more and then we braved our fear of the tube to get back to the hotel as quickly as pos' no walk across Hyde Park for us tonight .
So now we are in the comfort of our hotel room with the bloomin football as entertainment - great huh !
So I reckoned if that was what the evening had in store for me I could justify £20 squid on Internet access for the duration of our stay ! It will keep me sane anyhow.
So Natural History Museum here we come tomorrow and Harrods and Billy Elliot yeah !


Laura Sparling said...

Glad you're having a great time! Bet you froze on that bus. Brrr!

Happy Birthday for yesterday to Jamie.

Enjoy Billy Elliot tomorrow!

Laura x

PS - Loved the photo you posted on Sunday. :o)

Manda said...

awgh thanks Laura - a sharp comparison to the weather here today !
I can't wait till tomorrow !
Take Care


Tina said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! Fantastic photo of you on the bus.

Enjoy your stay, even if it is freezing.