Sunday, 17 February 2008

ooops sorry its been a mad week !

Good heavens a week since I last posted - its been a busy one and with being away over last weekend the time has just gone sweeping by .
Half term this next week and Jamie and I are off to London for a few well earned days away , his main aim is to have his picture taken outside 10 Downing street reading his Beano !
But we have an action packed few days ahead and Billy Elliot to look forward to on wednesday .
We have just spent a lovely afternoon at Hartland Abbey where the recent BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was filmed we lolled in the sun outside Barton Cottage the home of the Dashwood girls and their mother do you recognise it from the photo - the front door is missing !
It was quite beautiful and lifted all our spirits .
Jamie is 11 tomorrow my little boy - he traded in his Nintendo DS for a PSP today so is a very happy bunny !
New Buddies on the way tonight , no preview this week I am afraid just ran out of time . Hope you like them they are small ones this week but quite yummy together or on their own , and there is one little set too .
If we have time Jamie and I intend to post our stories from London ! so watch this space for some pics of the big city !


silverserpenta said...

How much are you selling those for

Manda said...

Hello - most of this weeks are £19 each with one set of 3 for £47.
They will be for sale later this evening .
Thankyou !