Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What do you think?

... about these ? Well I am just not sure so I will be putting them for sale sometime tomorrow on my web site , if you decide you would like them or one I would love to see what is done with them , so please send me pics !
Mum and I have just finished photographing this weeks 'Buddies' which will be available on Friday as I am off out tomorrow ( very rare occurence!)
Tomorrow I have to have my second go at making a Pavlova in my new stove (to take out with me ) . The first attempt was turned into a crumbly mess as it stuck to the baking sheet . I have a Redfyre a bit like a baby Aga and it has been a whole new cooking experience I love it we all do and the food tastes so different its yummy and it keeps us warm and toasty all the time but baking has meant learning to cook again ! getting there slowly , you can fry a fab egg on the simmering plate with no fat its quite delicious !
So thats tomorrows plan and then its off to the shed to start on a few bits for a friend who does the most fantastic silver jewellery you can check her out at April Doubleday, we have a few plans to do a few bits together all quite exiting !Incidently the pavlova is for her too ! and another friend who only eats sardines but thats another story ! he'll be eating pavlova by the end of tomorrow night !


Gemheaven said...

HI Manda

Just found your blog and its great - keep it up!! I love Pavlova too - Cornwalls not to far away lol!!

Manda said...

Thanks Jo - I am really enjoying it so much easier than Facebook !
Pavlova was delicious went down a storm !