Friday, 11 January 2008

... a sneaky preview !

This has to be my all time fav bead so far - simple raku twistie encased just yummy . There are a few like this tonight , mum and I have changed the way we photograph to go with my new web site (coming soon ! ) , hope you like them as much as we do . The addition of the silver chain just adds that little bit extra and we are also quite please with the background. The results also mean a lot less editing which means you get to see a more accurate picture depending on your monitor settings . It basically means we don't have to adjust the levels anymore , this had a tendancy to drain the beads of life and we don't want that do we !
Just added a few more pics now they are up !


Marlou McAlees said...

Hi Manda, delighted to see you have a blog!!! these beads are absolutely gorgeous!!! keep up the great work , hugzzz Marlou x

Manda said...

Hi Marlou.

Thankyou ! Glad you like the beads , and the blog . Lovely to hear from you Happy New Year and take care !xxxx

Gemheaven said...

OH your beads are fantastic Manda!