Monday, 7 January 2008

One of those ...

...days when I should have come in from he shed when it all started to go wrong but that's something I just cant do so I end up carrying on disaster after disaster , the result a kiln full of frugglies and carnage in the surrounding area , I just will not learn.

Oh well perhaps there will be a little surprise in the morning sometimes when you least expect it something amazing comes from frugglies - we'll see -

Tomorrow I have a man coming about a Web Site exiting or what ! My lovely site is getting a bit hard to manage and as I did it myself its not really done proper like and adding things like new buttons takes me an age coz as with everything I went the long way about creating it and its only done with Tables which isn't the grown up way to do it so I am told !
As the gentleman coming creates Surfing DVDS it could be interesting the Buddies always wanted to ride the waves without being wiped out ! Seriously though he produces some fantastic stuff so I am really quite exited .

Then its onto coring this weeks beads with a little photo shoot at the end of the day , purply blues and zany raku stripes are on offer this week .
I love Raku its still my all time favourite glass even over the Silver Glass' that are so popular at the moment , there are some beauties this week some I will be sad to see go ( I'll let you into a little secret those I really really love I stroke and covert for a few weeks before they appear for sale !!!! )
So that's about it for today - hoping to hear back about my new torch soon ( once America wake up from the New Year - hint hint , nudge nudge -) I have decided to go for a GTT Lynx its a real big girls torch and one that I shall probably still need to grow into but I cant wait .

Bye for now and thanks for reading !

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