Thursday, 17 January 2008

....what a day

The door on my shed has been gradually swelling and it has been taking me longer each morning to get it and this morning the inevitable happened I couldn't get in ! not a surprise really . Well what do you do ? I spent a good 10 minutes throwing myself at it and bruised my backside and my foot I was nearly in tears . Anyway there just happened to be a carpenter working two doors up and he came forced it open and planed it moved the handle and repainted the damage ! what a star and all within the hour .

I was so exited about getting to the kiln as my second attempt at a tree bead was waiting for me ! I was thrilled and made it into a pendant straight away ! But you know what the bloomin thing has developed a hairline fracture just like its predecessor - can't believe it and I kept it so hot , but it was made with a new glass that there have been some issues with so I think my third attempt will be of a different nature !

I have posted a picture anyhow for you to see and a few more of other bits I have been playing with this week oooh and a sneak preview of this weeks Buddies !

I am blown away by the response to my auction quite literally not what I expected at all - there is still time to take a peak it ends tomorrow ( link in post below )

We had that kind of freak weather to day - a sudden increase in wind speed intense hail , thunder and lightening ! Sophie was walking home in it she described it as if someone was standing in front of her throwing buckets of ice at her - it was so bad people were pulling victims off the street she was hauled into an old peoples home ! Very bizarre we seem to have had alot of thunder lately . Strange considering the time of year Ha !


Tom Muddimer said...

Nice beads

Manda said...

Thanks my love - all working this end !

Song said...

Love the new dollies - I'm really sorry I missed all the ones I would have bought :(

Gemheaven said...

OH Manda they are all gorgeous but I love the blue flowery set!!

Manda said...

Thanks Jo - they are gorgeous IRL ! I am making a set for ebay so watch this space !
Dalla song - I am sorry you missed them they did go quick tonight. Better luck next time and thanks to you both !