Wednesday, 16 January 2008

....a few beads on ebay

Decided this week to have a clear out I seem to have so many beads that I probably shan't use for anything myself and its dreadful to see them go to waste with so many talented jewellery designers out there,so I have an ebay auction or 2 running .
I have been overwhelmed by the response and very touched that so many people seem to want them , the auction ends on Friday for the 26 focals so there is still time to take a look .

I have a few other interesting focals which I have pictured above not sure what I think of them really but I am sure someone can once again create something wonderful with them .

Here's the link to my EBay anyhow see what you think .

Been busy getting new Buddies ready for this week a few Duos amongst others .There are some hearts on the horizon with that all important Valentines day approaching so keep watch for those too.

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