Sunday, 20 January 2008

This was my favourite one this week - I made this with Michelangelo a silver glass from Rocio its an amazing glass and the same I used for the flower beads in the last post . It can be quite a challenge to get the right colour from this glass I wasted 4 beads to get this 1!

I have spent some time today making tiny little glass nuggets for my friend April to use in her new designs for this year she is going to incorporate my glass into her wonderful silver bangles which you can see at her site April Doubleday .

She in return is designing something for me which will give me a new dimension to play with - quite exiting swapping skills with someone !

I have quite a bit to do for her so that wil occupy me this week ! but I hope to get a set ready for eBay and ofcourse ther will be new buddies too ,so do please keep checking back .

My new torch is on its way and should all being well be here by the 29th - I can't wait for that !

We watched Nanny Mcphee today ( I so love that film ) what else can you do in this weather - Jamie has had some kind of nasty flu thing so we have been housebound so we had a super roast dinner followed by Apple Crumble and a DVD - a yummy Sunday !

Thanks for stopping by !


Lynz said...

She was my fave, too! Shame I was busy with a snotty child and missed the Buddies going live. Just as well, I'm supposed to be on a beadie ban (although I'm desperately trying to resist wee favourite vampire from "The Lost Boys" y'know :o) )

Tom Muddimer said...

Jamie either has the norovirus or bird flu, unfortunately I suspect the latter. You'll have to quarantine him in the shed for a couple of weeks.

Manda said...

Lynz - So sorry you missed your fav - I was very sad to see her go . Marco seems to be staying for a while - beadie ban thats a tuff one !! Hope your littlun is better - ignore the comment from my darling son I know where I'll be sticking him ( Tom that is ) and it won't be quarantine !!