Thursday, 24 January 2008

One of those weeks......

..... when I thought I had been wasting my time and had better look for a new career ! So today I took some time out to go over all I had made in the last week or so and sort it out and decide what what was what , and you know I was quite pleased with what I found .
So firstly I have a new set of Florals on EBay - all Michelanglo beads which has driven me bananas as every darn flower even if reduced and treated exactly the same comes out different so there were alot of beads that I decided to group together and auction off , so do please take a look !
Secondly a few heart focals ( no you are right I did for get to upload these ! ) I made, not quite sure what I will do with these you might see them on my site in the next week or so or you might not. I just love the colours its one of the Terra Odd lots for those of you in the know but please don't ask me which one coz I aint got a clue !

Thirdly a sneak of this weeks Buddies which I think will probably go up on Sunday but you will be notified when by email if you are on the mailing list so don't worry - I wont sneak them in when your not looking !
I am really pleased with this bunch and they all look yummy together - I love the terracotta colour it's so very rich and unusual .

So there you have it a few pictures for you to see and a quick update - thanks for stopping by and taking a peak !

...and a whole day in the shed tomorrow so we'll see what that brings


Tracie H said...

Manda - you really are so very inspiring and such a talented person. I havent made any beads in such a long time but feel soo inspired to fire up my torch and get twizzling after seeing your stunning beads.
We must get together soon - I need another lesson!!!

Manda said...

Firstly my dear what are you doing up at such an ungodly hour ! and writing to me ?

But thank you ! as for inspiration I fly by your blog from time to time and your photoraphy just blows me away every visit!

It would be good to meet up again I have promised a glassy get together here !

Love to you and yours !