Saturday, 12 January 2008

...had that kinda strange positive feeling today , the weather this morning was just gorgeous which has raised every ones spirits ! My eldest even took Jamie to the park and they had a crazy time taking photos of each other the resulting picture above is just one .
I spent the morning at a meeting to organise Instow school craft fair which is taking place in March and should be a great little event .

Then Mum and I took a trip to town for a little retail therapy which was great 'till it started to pour with rain .

Then its been one of those Saturday evenings that one could describe as a little mad . Tom has been preparing for his works do Christmas Bash since Wednesday , madly ironing and cleaning shoes in readiness for his Pheasant Casserole at High Bullen Hotel , the pressure was on when we arrived home to be ready for 6.30 - Sophie was preparing for first date with 'new boyfriend' and that had its usual anxieties attached to it , the phone didn't stop ringing and in the middle of it all Jilly ( mums lab ) decided to have a choking fit and we had to administer pressure under her rib cage from behind to loosen the offending article ! It was I hasten to add successful and she has recovered - but it gave us quite a scare !

So now all is quiet everyone is out including Jamie who got a last minute invite out to tea so mum and I are enjoying an unexpected evening of quiet . Jilly is enjoying the extra attention her choking has created and thoroughly enjoying the lashings of fresh milk being administered to sooth her sore throat !
So just a normal day perhaps the positive feeling I started the day with means I should go buy a lottery ticket , think I might do just that .
Bye for now !
Would you believe I was a minute too late for that bloomin ticket - positive vibes huh !

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