Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Aftermath

' This was the Random Giveaway '

Isn't this the worst part of Christmas the clearing up and the food shop when the supermarket looks as though its been raided and so do all the High street shops I hate it .
To cap it all its bloomin freezing and we once again have no snow -
Still at least that meant the tree has gone and the dec's are down and there is some food in the fridge we did really well this year and had very little left over seemed to judge it just right for once .

My project this year is PMC I would just love to combine it with my beads in some way or another not sure how yet but hopefully time will tell - this time last year the beads were being smashed left right and center in my quest to silver core so hopefully this venture will not be quite so distructive !

I had that Random Giveaway I was talking about well done Amanda for winning that and being on the ball ! The prize was the little darlings pictured above .

But dont think thats it when you least expect it I will pop in another so watch this space !

New Buddies later this evening and now I am off to watch the hour long Eastenders we seem to have had a good dose of it this week .

Bye for now

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