Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Normal Service Resumes.

Well that's it then Christmas is behind us and life gets back to normal .
So much on my list of to do's for the new year - a new website and a new torch being top of the list !
Had my first session of the New Year in my shed last night and it was heaven !
Mum and I had a photo session this afternoon ahead of tomorrows release ; just before Christmas I had a break in thought nothing of it at the time as all that seemed to be missing was a set of Dr Who toys which I had bought for Jamie but as is always the way you don't miss things till you need them and we discovered today that the tripod had been pinched. Thought I had got off lightly so needless to say we are very angry about that so we struggled with the photos today and will have to go and buy a new one - maddening -
So its new buddies tomorrow and a winner of January's prize draw today , check those in boxes .
Happy New Year everyone !

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