Friday, 15 August 2008

something a bit different

.... I love these , these are the result of a week of sheer freedom . My mind has been uncluttered and it has been so nice to concentrate on something other than my usual !
I have a smaller set in the kiln and they will be on ebay tomorrow night - ofcourse they are so much better IRL and big beads too !

I see my son has been at my Blogger account and added his Blog - its very funny I have to admit , hard to believe he's 21 and really grown up enough to make this journey !

I am off on Monday for my few days with Sarah Hornik in Stourbridge I am so looking forward to it and can't quite believe that in fact I have another week or so to myself its been like a real holiday a few weeks of pure self indulgence , heaven !

My youngest will be home on Sunday after a week away with his Dad on the Isle of Man - rubbish weather I fear but I am sure he will have had a good time but it will be lovely to have him home .

Benjy had his little op' today hes survived it well but the aneasthetic has left him very stiff so we have now 2 lots of daily medicine to administer. Very relieved thats behind us now and I am sure he will be feeling brighter in the morning !

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