Tuesday, 29 July 2008

We had a lovely time...

My faith in camping has been well and truly restored after two years of exceptional experiences we have had a wonderful time. Door to door sunshine with a short spell of torrential rain on the last night and while dimantling the camp !!! So yes everything is very wet .
We went to South Devon and stayed at Woodlands just outside Totnes amazing value and wonderful faciliites in an unbeatable location .
We had our share of bad luck when we discovered the day before we left that RATS had got into the trailor - undeterred we set about washing everything and arrived at our site in great spirit only to discover huge holes in all 3 air beds and not just little nibbles but tears which would indicate that the rats had been at starvation level for some considerable time !
We attempted puncture repair but after two tubes of glue and extreme exhaustion we gave up and bought new beds !
We discovered Blackpool Sands the most heavenly beach I have seen in a long time and explored the local towns and villages - it was lovely and we feel we have had a holiday which is even better .
Our holiday treat was a new swingball set and competition status in the house is running high with Sophie showing true aggression in her flamboyant swings - Tom has yet to get near the ball and so I think its very likely the stakes will intensify.
As Tom approaches his 21st birthday this Friday we are winding up for a weekend of fun ! orat least he is - since being away we have noticed the appearance of a drinks bar in his bedroom surely in readiness for a good time mmmmm!!
Benjy has been a good boy while we have been away with mum bunny sitting - he was due to have his marbles seen too this week but as he is still snotty we will have to postpone that for a week or so!
I have some pictures to post of ourtrip away and will get some up later on after the new beads go up so catch you later.

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