Thursday, 31 January 2008

Please can you take a vote to help me out ?

As you may or may not know I am havinga new website designed ( scary stuff ! )

The photography is a very big part of this beadie game and something that my mum spends alot of time on . We have three backgrounds that we are considering for all the new pictures and would love to know which works best for you on your screen everyones PC is different and what works for me might not work for you, so would just love your imput coz you guys are what its all about and it has to be just right !

I have included 3 pictures of the same bead on the 3 backgrounds - white - Black - and Glass - and just to the right is the poll so please place your vote and help me out !

Then there is a sneak preview of this weeks Buddies which will go up over the weekend I think - but you will get that all important email if you are on the mailing list .

Thankyou to everyone who emailed and left messages after our rather traumatic Sunday . Its very strange here we have had animals for the last 15 years or so and as we lost out lab a year ago now too, so to have nothing seems very strange . We do still have mums dog Jilly who is our angel in disguise- she however does not miss Charlie one little bit, that was one Hate relationship that went on there I can tell you . But even she may have quietly shed a tear who knows !

oooh and my new torch arrived today so I now have the wonderful task of setting it up a bit scary as its a real big girls one !


artquest1 said...

The bottom picture shows off the detail the best.
A suggestion about photography - when photographing highly reflective surfaces, usually glare or "hot spots" are your enemy. If you are using a digital camera with an automatic flash, try covering just the flash with a layer or two of white gauze or muslin. If you can eliminate the flash going off, try using another light source, and do two things:
have it illuminating the bead from about a thirty degree angles from the line from the camera to the object, and if possible, "bounce" the light off of a large piece of white poster board instead of aiming directly at the bead. If you've ever had your picture taken at a portrait studio, that is why the use those white umbrella looking things - to minimize glare.

Good luck, Bob

Manda said...

Wow thanks for that Bob really useful info - the black was the way we were leaning for detail as you say - we have a soft box photographers light that lights from the side and white non reflective board that surrounds the whole area , we were wondering about lighting upwards from the back aswell? Any more input would be much appreciated !

Lynz said...

Oh, no, Manda! Funky beads and I'm on a beadie buying ban. Dilemma!! *grins*

artquest1 said...

Hey Again
Sure if you've got access to a soft box, that would really help. Since you're photographing small objects, you could make a "cyclorama" out a a long piece of curved inexpensive white poster board - it would function the same way seamless background paper or fabric serves for models or product photography except it would be curved horizontally instead of vertically.
I'm afraid backlighting would look quite dramatic, but would produce a sort of "halo" that might minimize front surface color. It is commonly done in portraiture, because it does wonderful things for hair, and most of us if we are over thirty years old, wouldn't mind having some of our front surfaces softened.
The idea is to diffuse the light as much as possible to eliminate specular highlights. The beauty of your glass is below the surface, so the more you can do to eliminate distracting glare, the happier you will be.
Have fun! Bob

Just Sew Sue said...

I prefer the white but that is from a non techy perspective. This week's beads look particularly gorgeous


Contrariwise said...

I think the black shows the beads best and will also be great to highlight silver.

BTW, what are you using as the black? It has a nice texture to it that softens the photographs.

Gemheaven said...

I Love the black too Manda :D

Manda said...

Thankyou all for your support it looks as though the black is winning - its black sugar paper so it looks sort of felty if that makes sense !