Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mangolo Beads

Mangobeads have recently developed our own range of mandrels. Designed to make making Big Hole Beads so much easier.
The beauty of these mandrels is that the arm of the mandrel remains 3mm while the bit at the end is 5,6,9 or 12mm.

Centering glass on these really is so much easier than on a mandrel  that is 6,9 or 12mm down its entire length.

Mangolos were the result of me being lucky enough to have so many 9mm mandrels to hand!
I wanted something that I could make, clean and post for sale without lining with silver.

As with anything the first ones just rolled off the production line with seemingly little problem. But then as with everything I seem to do the designs become more complicated and the beads took longer to produce J

The beauty of the mangolos is in the width of the bead. I try to keep them very slim so they hang beautifully.  Doughnut shapes are a no no!

This has caused me enormous problems, keeping the beads slim but ending up with them round has been hugely frustrating. Some days I just can’t do it L

But I hope things are on the up and consequently I shall be rethinking my pricing structure!

So just what are you supposed to do with them.

Well anything goes with Mangolos.

Where them on anything.

I have some simple imitation suede necklets that can be purchased in one of two lengths with or without a clasp so you can wear a couple of lengths together if you prefer. They look great on any chain, and leather too.

Hang them the traditional way or wear them stacked as in the pictures. Mix them; wear them on their own. Let me know how you wear yours!


Find them on my website and on Etsy too.

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georgiebee said...

Manda's mandrels really do make a difference!!..Lol...lovely read Manda. Georgie.x