Sunday, 14 February 2010

New Beads

Can I believe we are middle of February already, absolutely not. To make it worse, I'm suffering from a complete lack of creativity at the moment.

Today I was indulging myself with a play day in the shed and 3 hours later there was zilch, nada, nuttink in the kiln. What a waste of valuable time. Panic is starting to set in as its now half term which greatly reduces torch time anyway. Absolutely no point in crying over spilt milk, I shall eat chocolate instead. None the less, here are the pictures of the beads just loaded onto the site.

Plans for the new workshop are coming along nicely and we hope to be moved in on 29th March, and running courses by July with an Official Opening on 11th September (so get that in your diary), a fun few days of glassy goodness is promised for the occasion. I am in the process of booking exiting people to come do workshops for us, something we have not had the luxury of in this part of the country before.

I am pondering over which glass to stock at the workshop, this glass will be available for sale by the rod which I hope will benefit newbies to the world of lampwork. I'm not planning to sell over the website as there are already lots of webbie glass suppliers, I'm wanting to be more of a local resource for people down here and those who come for lessons.

Should I stock CIM or Effetre? My dear friend Julie suggested Plowden and Thompson Glass which is UK made but I am quite keen to stick with COE 104 which they don't do (unless anyone can tell me different).

Please vote so I can stock the best for everyone...

I have bought a fabulous Disc Cutter which I am very much looking forward to trying as we want to do capped beads with silver cores as part of the workshop. There seems so much to do at the moment which is probably effecting my Bead Mojo, I guess I am maybe trying too hard.

Happy Valentines to everyone, eat chocolate and be happy ... xx


Raspberry Rings said...

Eat Tobelrone and be happy we are!! i

Unknown said...

So exciting, I can hardly wait :)
I think either CIM or Effetre would be great but Effetre just pips the post for me.
And Missy....don't be too hard on yourself, time melting glass is never a waste even though sometimes it feels like it!

Jan said...

I love the CIM colours and only have few. I think Effetre would be a better bet as most people always start with that and then move on to trying out different suppliers.