Friday, 23 October 2009

The V&A

We visited the V & A at the weekend but have only just got round to looking at the pictures we took not many but a few things that we really enjoyed. We only looked round the new Ceramics Gallery and the Glass Gallery.

The Donkey Child in the Ceramics Gallery we particularly liked - depicting the heavy burden society these days inflicts on our children . My daughter says it actually symbolises Tom when hes ill but I'm not sure he would agree with that !

.... and the very old BC Beads in the glass gallery the only beads on display, but oh how familiar they look ,and what alot we have to thanks these guys for, all the skills we apply today in our lampworking evident and discovered so many years ago.

I was particularly shocked that they were the only beads on display, with so many talented Lampwork Artists in the world today, a display of beads since then would be of significant interest to many -

Something to be investigated perhaps ?

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