Wednesday, 21 October 2009


One of those days when the bead mojo just won't do what its supposed to, usually I stubbornly fight against it and end up with a load of rubbish for the kiln fairies but today I was good and concentrated on some other stuff . So the web site got some TLC and had some new stuff added which was complicated as its all stuff that needs pricing separately to the main product so it got a bit technical but I think I have it under way.

Mum and I had a play with photography as we are both disappointed with how all her hard work really does not shine through on the web site, we feel all the editing that has to be done to get a white background just kills the beads so we have made a few decisions to change the way we do it but that will mean a few web site changes first so it might take a bit of time .

Here's a comparison of photos so you can see what you think .......
This one is without editing straight from the camera with a little twiddling but nothing major .

...and this one has had all the levels etc adjusted to get a white back ground . I think you will agree the top one is best but I would be very interested to hear what you think ,so if you have a minute please drop me a comment below.


pam ferrari said...

I think the first one shows the colors best. Very nice bead.

Manda said...

Thanks Pam ! glad you agree and thanks for taking the time to reply.