Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life after Bovey ....

To have got through the last week and to have survived I am truly happy about . It has been an amazing experience and I have met some truly lovely people customers old and new and had some wonderful remarks made thank you all for all the amazing support you really are the best .
We survived the horrendous weather under canvas despite accidently pitching our tent in the middle of a football pitch ! ( we pitched late and were exhausted - good excuse huh ! )
Mum took some truly fantastic pics of the stand and they will be on here by tomorrow - shes temporarily gone AWOL with the card from the camera !
But theres no rest for the wicked I will be on Exeter Catherdal green this coming Friday and Saturday so its a quick turnaround and stand redesign and we are off again !
To have achieved the standard of display we did without the wonderful support of my family and David would not have happened and I am truly grateful to them all -

So please do check back in the next day or so for pics and some exiting new Bead Racks for those collectors !

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Rosy said...

Hi Manda

Sorry to hear that you did end up with a soggy tent, we have camped many times and had similar experiences - not pleasant! Apart from that, I am glad you had a good time down here in South Devon, it was really lovely to see you again. Oh, and as always, your beads were wonderful and your stand VERY stylish, thank you for making my wonderful buddies x

Rosy xx