Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sarah and her gorgeous beads

The gang

If you hadn't already heard Stourbridge Festival and Masterclass Events have been on all over this week and weekend . Although I missed the festival I was lucky enough to get to Sarah Horniks Masterclass and meet Sarah and a whole bunch of lovely people we had a real BLAST !!!!
I only had my phone for pics so nabbed a few of Sarahs from Flickr but do look at her collection and you will see what a great time we had .
I have truly met some wonderful new friends Emma from The Little Bead Shop ,Kinga from Germany, Joanne , Sarah and Carole, we made loads of fab beads thanks to Sarahs wonderful tuition and consumed our fair share of chocolate and lentils ( yes you are reading correctly ).
I met up with Becky who was doing another Masterclass and loads of other people.
So back down to earth and I have new beads in the kiln mainly focals for EBay and a few Silver tummied Buddies all will be available later this week so please watch this space......
Bye for now xx


Ali P said...

Hi Manda,
I had a look at Sarah's photos of Sotourbridge, it looks like everyone had a great weekend masterclassing ;)
Sarah's beads are fabulous, I hadn't really looked at them before. I look forward to seeing what new ideas you come up with having done the class.

Ali P said...

P.S. Whoops! That should have been 'Stourbridge'...

Becky said...

Hi Manda, hope you dont mind, Ive tagged you :))

What have you been upto since stourbridge, seeing the photos it feels like so long ago now :((

Ali P said...

Hi Manda,
I've tagged you too (Becky beat me to it). If you want to join in you don't need to double your answers! Looking forward to seeing your new buddies this week too ;)
Ali x

Tina said...

Guess what Manda...I tagged you too!!xx