Friday, 21 December 2007

What a strange thing to be doing at this time of year!

Can't quite believe I am doing this now December 21st - I have so many other things I should be doing like wrapping a few pressies !

This is a whole new experience for me I tried Face Book and found it too confusing ! ( It dosn't take much ! ) So I will give this a try instead .

Here you will find more in depth waffle about the extremely exiting life of a full time Bead maker , doubt less it will be a huge learning curve but hopefully one I shall enjoy and that you will too .

Well for now thats it I am off to brave Tesco run out of loo paper would you believe !
I had some good news this morning and I am very chuffed - I applied for The Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracy that runs in June 2008 -its not easy to get into and the standard of work is very high so I was thinking that it might not happen , especially as all the Jewellery places are very over subscribed but I have been put on the reserve list and if someone drops out I will be in !! I am really pleased to say the least better start saving !


Song said...

Welcome to the werid world of blogging. Although you often won't get comments - don't worry you are not talking to yourself. Many of us read without commenting :)

Good luck with your app for the craft fair


Manda said...

Thankyou Sonja - Only just figured how to reply to this so sorry its taken a while ! Silly time of year to start a blog anyway !