Monday, 7 April 2014

Bluemoon Glassworks, Austin, Texas, March 2014

When I began lampwork 9 years ago Jim Berry and I became virtual friends - his help and support back in the days when there wasn't much of it around was of supreme importance - his continued friendship has been an added bonus . To have been welcomed by both Rose and Jim into their home and their lives as we have been this last month has been a wonderful experience and we know we have some very special friends in Austin, Texas ;)

David and I arrived in Houston Texas on Friday 14th March.  First time on American soil after a long flight we were faced with a taxi driver who couldn't find our hotel. We successfully clocked up a taxi fare of $100 as we drove round in circles and up and down the interstate highway .

San Antonio Greyhound Bus Station

Next day we boarded the all American Greyhound Bus and left Houston for San Antonio. Really impressed with the bus travel both cost and comfort were superb and we even had free wifi on board - I was able to Face Time home and show the family the big trucks on the highway as we sped along :)

We spent a relaxing few days in San Antonio and stayed at El Tropicano Hotel on the River Walk. Lots of walking and eating and relaxing, just what we needed to recharge our batteries.

Tuesday morning we boarded once again The Greyhound Bus bound this time for Austin and Bluemoon Glass Studio.

Meeting Jim and Rose for the first time was like greeting friends we hadn't seen for a long time, we were made to feel so welcome and quickly made ourselves at home both at the house and the studio.

The wonderful 'Jim and Rose'

Magnificent Art Wall 

We had a couple of days to prepare for the class and see some of Austin's sites - Jim did us proud and took us to some of the coolest parts of town, all perfect photo shoot locations

Allens Boot Store 

The Spiderhouse

The classes were great we met some amazing people and had some wonderful feedback about the class itself - everyone did brilliantly and was super pleased with their results. My only regret is that we didn't take more pictures in fact I think we took hardly any of the second class.

The Class and some of the beautiful work made !

I had ladies from Hawaii, California and Georgia amongst other places - we are so impressed with how you guys travel you are just 'awesome'!!!

David was and is such a valuable addition to the class an extra pair of expert hands at the ready with help and advise and never a dirty mandrel in sight ! Expert demonstrations on finishing and gluing the cabs into finished pendants and ring toppers using his ring topper and pendant backs ensured that everyone went away with the skills and knowledge to make their own at home.

On the Saturday night after class I gave a demonstration to the Austin Fire Fly's and am now the proud owner of my own T Shirt which officially lets me join the club !

We were so very sad when it was all over and it was time to come home leaving Jim and Rose was mighty difficult but we have made a promise to be back .

The lovely thing for me is that I will be back again this year as I have The Gathering to look forward to and am really looking forward to seeing Jim and some of you in Houston in July!

David and I can't thank you all enough especially Jim and Rose for making us so welcome - we couldn't have wished for a more successful trip and are looking forward to repeating it soon :)

oh and Nestle 'I LOVE YOU '


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And we absolutely loved having you here - looking forward to seeing you again.

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